Day: April 4, 2015

Quite Frankly, We’re Sick Of Anushka-Virat Stories. And So Is She. Watch Her Take A Reporter Apart | source – Scoopwhoop

Trust Indian media to get their job done, by hook or by crook. But, they had better learn not to mess with Anushka Sharma, not when she’s pissed!The anchor of a leading news channel learnt it the hard way when she tried to press Anushka to dole out some scoop on her personal life, in […]

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10 Types Of Girlfriends & Boyfriends That Suck

1. The One That Insists On Arguing In Public. It’s almost as if this boyfriend/girlfriend feeds off of the uncomfortable energy and appalled expressions of onlookers as he/she gets louder, angrier and increasingly hysterical in the restaurant, or at the party, or wherever you’re regretting going out to, while your insides are filled with humiliation. […]

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