Day: April 18, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Reacts To India’s Net Neutrality Debate, Defends

The debate over free access and Internet neutrality in India has been raging over the last few weeks and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was spurred into posting his opinion on Facebook on Friday  where he says Net Neutrality and the idea of free internet go hand in hand. Net neutrality is a concept that says the internet service providers […]

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20 Photos That Prove Sometimes Kids Can Be Pure Evil |Source- Scoopwhoop

‘Bacchey bhagwan ka roop hote hain’. The ones who’d said it, probably never had any of their own. They are pure evil. Mummy kasam, no kidding. And the worst part is that they can get away with anything. Like seriously, anything. Thanks to their puppy eyes and those chubby cheeks. Damn it! But not anymore. For […]

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