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Little cupcakes of happiness explode inside me at the thought of College. At the same time,heart sinks when I think of passing out. 3 years,uncountable memories,laughter,sorrow and so on. All in one word:COLLEGE.

Here are 10 things without which your college-life is totally incomplete.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

6 episodes tonight. What is your score?

Haha…….this becomes a new game for college students.


2. Attending some stranger’s wedding.

Reminds you of “3 Idiots”? Well,this is no lie!

Going to a wedding uninvited, dancing like some known guys and fulfilling the ever-great appetite is the new definition of ADVENTURE in colleges.

3 idiots

3. Trip with friends.

This one is my FAVOURITE. A week long trip with your friends to some really exotic destination is the call!

If you have already been to it, way to go!

If not, plan now and go.


4. Late-night secret outing.


Secret outing to secret places,that too late at night eg.haunted house, where ghosts accompany you.

Do you not feel the urge of doing it nowww???


5. At least One Back.

A bummer? No way! This can be the most amazing feeling.

One back in a span of 3 or 4 years is not much. One should feel the chills down the spine:D


6. Freaking out right before every paper.

“I am done”. “I am totally finished”.

“This paper is gonna ruin my life”. “I am so not prepared for the exam”.

“I should have studied”.

Pretty relatable,no? God,this is hilarious. I tell you.


7. A wonderful Date.

Does not matter whether you have a relationship or not!

Dating the person you love to the bits should be mandatory for all. Just experience the tenderness and warmth of this Beautiful feeling.


8. A Warfare.

No Bloodshed, No Fun!!!

After all,we are young and reckless.


9. Class bunk.

Sounds childish. But it is the most commonly practiced phenomenon in colleges.


10. Formal Farewell.

Ladies in sarees,men in suits,probably the last day in college,special treatment,titles,throwbacks,whole college life flashing like a movie! Nostalgic.


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