Day: June 14, 2015

मकरासन Makarāsana Crocodile |Asanas Yogaom

acquistare vardenafil Toscana Effect on bodypart Relaxation in the muscular system,whole body leads to relaxation Major benefits respiration becomes slow, deep and more efficient.It is also the only relaxation asana in which it is not possible to fall asleep due to the upright position of the neck and head. Other Benefits  the mind becomes calm and introverted, and […]

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बद्धकोणसन Baddha Koṇāsana Bound Angle Pose | Yogaom

levitra generico Umbria Effect on body parts strong groin- and hip-opener Major Benefits It relieves sciatic pain and prevents hernia Other Benefits relieves sciatic pain and prevents hernia,it relieves pain and heaviness in the testicles. For women, coupled with Sarvangasana, it checks irregular menses and helps the ovaries to function properly. Precautions This asana should be avoided in […]

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Exclusive Ring collection by Canviar

informazioni viagra generico a Roma History shows various significance  for the ring. It may be a promise ring, a proposal ring, an engagement ring, a wedding ring or religious ring. It may be anything but it has lots of emotions attached to it. Sometimes it is associated with power and authority. It may bring the promise to your loved ones, a belief of staying together forever, or starting of […]

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40 days of CELIBACY!!! Diaro Blog

levitra generico 20 mg online prezzo più basso I am going to start a journey. If you are also fed up from the banal desires and want to free your mind from the crap(), which is deteriorating its valor, robbing it from its true worth. So join me if you want to test yourself  on the physical,mental,spiritual,intellectual plane. There are infinite moments where […]

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