Day: June 20, 2015

6 Things Girls At Hostels Can Relate To | Diaro Blog

Well,you can’t really witness the FUN of a girls hostel until you be there. One of the few places where you find the girls gone mad,crazy and what they say TOTALLY INSANE!! Here’s what I am talking about.. 6 Things, the girls in hostels can relate to: 1. Late night Intense talks. As it strikes […]

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Anantasana अनन्तासन Side-Reclining Leg Lift | YogaOm

Effect on bodypart It increases the flexibility of the spine and muscles in the legs.It also helps in improving overall body balance. Major Benefit Anantasana helps in toning the abdominal muscles.It stretches and strengthens the sides of the torso. Other Benefits The hamstrings are stretched and strengthened, which increases their efficiency.It promotes better blood circulation […]

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