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And this time is back.The Admission time. This time is the most precious time every year for all the students passing 12th standard. Results are out, admission process starts. Most of the students from commerce or art background aim to enter into UNIVERSITY OF DELHI.

Oh yes! The ultimate fight is just for the admission in DU( Delhi university ). Since we all know that the cut offs are so high that many of them are not able to make it and the others remain in a dilemma of compromising the course for the sake of college and vice-versa.

Hello everyone, I’m a student of Delhi university, studying in RAMANUJAN COLLEGE And will be going in second year. Yes even I have gone through the same phase. Same dilemma, same heart breaking time.

Last year I was on the same platform where many of you are standing. I did well in my board exam but maybe not that well enough to enter into north campus or top colleges of south campus. I was disheartened. Most of my friends got settled into good colleges with the course of their choice. But unfortunately I had to make a choice between my choice of course or a good college.

It was difficult to make out what I should go for. I asked many of my seniors and friends for their opinions but resultant, I fell into even more confusion. Finally I went for my course.
And you know what? Today I’m so happy with not only my course but with my college also. When I get to know from my friends about their college and when I compare it with my college, I smile, yes smile on the decision I had taken one year back. Because for me, it turned out to be the best decision.

After spending one year in Ramanujan, I can proudly say that I have one of the best faculties, seniors and batch mates. All the colleges under DU are best. Yes they are. All you need is to figure out what you have to do, which course you want to pursue and in the end, just go for it.

It is the course that will make you and not the college. The future will be dependent on your course and not on your college. Each college has some bad and good things but it is up to you how you deal with it. How you contribute to make your college better.

To all those who think that college matters more than course, you are free to think like that as everyone has different opinion but from my personal experience I can tell you that the course matters the most.

College life will be nothing if you don’t enjoy what you study.

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