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What comes in your mind when you hear the word “SCHOOL”? When I was in school, And I use to hear this word, all I could think of was waking up early, doing irritating homework, attending classes which use to torture us, morning assemblies which was again a big torture, teachers scolding you for not wearing proper school uniform or for talking or for not completing homework. Till we are in school, we all feel the same. We hate going to school. We feel so restricted, wearing same uniform every day; teachers not letting us eat in between classes, proper schooling hours, and no half days.

But you know what? If a person who has done his schooling will hear the word SCHOOL will have all together different feelings. This word becomes no more irritating, rather it brings so many memories in our mind. It brings the memories of our friends; friends whom we promised to stay together forever. The memories of our teachers scolding us, protecting us, giving us advice, telling us to study and everything else which make us realise how much life changes after school.

Earlier the school schedule use to irritate us, makes us feel restricted but after coming to college we realise how happy life was in school, we were so organised. There was a proper schedule of the day but in college we all become disoriented. Noting is planned.

When I was in school, I remember how I use to imagine my life after school; I was waiting for the freedom I’ll get, or all the changes that will come in my life. I use to think that the changes would be easy to adapt. In simple words I use to think that life after school will be EASY.
It was only after school I realised life is more complicated now, more hectic and difficult to understand.

No matter how much we hate school, we all miss it once we leave. Because once those days are gone, nothing can bring them back. Nothing can be done to bring back the best and the simplest life…SCHOOL LIFE. No one can replace the memories made in school. They are the treasure of bitter and sweet memories we will cherish lifelong.


School is the best place to go and school life is the best life to enjoy.



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