Day 16 ALL ONE

She is my mother, sometimes he is a son
where i am all and all is one…
loving all as mother and treating one as son
accepting all rejecting no one…

if thee exist i can not how can i be…

Sunrise is also beautiful as sunset is.

currency of life are different
my life
not telling or giving any commandments

only coins exist paper is also 2 faced can not be one faced like a coin but i love coin…

coin with freedom and learning as faces
coin with time and existence as its faces
coin with beggar and emperor as it faces

3 are enough
now 2 hands are required too a hand of faith and a hand of love
hope is not in my dictionary. why i will hope only if i am not sure about my choices.

In the end there is no end as there was no beginning i bow to the divine present in all present in one.

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