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who says old is is a burden. old age is all about disease. let me tell you very clearly old age is going to be the most most beautiful thing like son rise.
all you have to do is clear those eyes and see through them the way you once looked at something or someone somewhere.
childhood is all about ignorance, adulthood is ambitious.
married life is no life, just a lie, old age is deep relaxation.

buttttt if you can feel relaxed this moment you are relaxed forever. i am not lying, i quit lying back in 2012. yeah 3 years ago. i stopped lying to myself. and once you taste the truth you don’t lie again. you see that everything is gonna remain the same, the song remains the same too. no matter how hard you flap the wings the wind is going to take you with her to distant places you have not imagined.

i know not why my sweet child wants perfection wants sunrise wants order wants his way to be the only way. once just once you realize that it is true that his way is the only way you relax relax so totally. why carry a burden over the head while you are sitting in a bus. but what can i do this little mind thinks if I is not there world will crumble but babe my sweet little child everything is already crumbled and trying to get restructured.

it does not matter whether i am running at 120 or 80 i am gonna end up from where i started. and your 120 can be 80 or theirs 80 can be 120. hahahahaaahahahaaahahaa

when I is lost you can not remain sustain exist but still still the tune is there. someone is sitting in the sky?
krsna told me i pity you! i asked why beloved?
him say you just say nay all the way.
i said but my way is the highway.
him said okay baby relax but tell why you have put me into a cage, crucified.
i said prayed hall aint jail, rich to poor go there and prayed to you.
him told me how he can help if i am a stoner with same paint all those years until floods come.
i bowed as i got the point the point of his view the viewless view. the empty bowl of sudama or buddha i know not.

in the end i want to say , nothing i am just wasting silence for these useless messages. but once surrendered can not be recapitulated. and i have bowed to you a million and one times before my beloved bhagwan. you are all bhagwan.
Aum love is all.

gaurav dalal

my name is an irony in this classic world. whatever i am going to write here is a message from deeper or collective consciousness to my behavior. i am a chap. and i love to learn. why learn. melody khao khud jaan jaao. only a chinchilla knows what chinchilla is. i read what i write i hear what i say. your hands cant hit what your eyes cant see smoke like marley bobby sting like bee.i keep on smiling until laughter overrules. Thankyou so much for the time you devoted in reading this. I love you all.AumShantiAum :)

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