day 18 running from?

i run from i and i is whom i meet in the end.
i, wherever i go i is pointed out… no appreciation
i consider i a fool. i want to run.
i am running i don’t to see i. i is impressed by you scolding. i is miserable.
i need misery. i have everything but i sees nothing.
i is sinner religion says so. i kill and i confess.
i see conspiracy. i cry alone. i run. i am running. i ll run.
i parent did not accept i. i am not going to accept my children.
i can pretend. i am hypocrite. i is mask.
i deceive you.i deceive myself. i am with myself.
i on everest. i is with i. i want to run. i run from everest.
i ain’t alone on everest. i is ugly is is violent i stinks is shouts i don’t show respect. i run fast.
i drive fast. i drive really fast. i with you. i drive fast. i drive.
i make you miserable. i ask why standing. i find lift.

i look for somebody
i in a village. i look for help.
i thinks perhaps. i see tears. i stops. i stop at last.
i accept i can not be alone. i exposes i.
i make i aware. i wasted life. i know i wasted.
i can not help it. i accept aloneness. i reduce speed. i turn down volume.
i can even stop. i dont want to see i but now.
i transfer inside. i drop what you say.
i cut crap. i can not be said by you. i am worried not by a buddha, socretes, jesus, krsna, shiva.
i does not matter. i mean life now.
i ask what is life. i ask. i become curious. i talk to i. i stand with i.
i see i a painter. i see i a poet. i am 9 jewels of akbar. i am humor.
i am all. i now see i. i drop i see. i stop i see.
i am divine. i drink wine. i am fine. i respect i. i am intimate with i.
i forgive i. i am in love with i.

i now love you. i create happyness. i make you cry now. i am illogically strange shocking slapping you.
i kiss all around. i love everybody.
i love laptop keypad, speakers, screen and billion parts inside cabinet.
i never thought this would happen.
i have to love unconditionally.
i can not escape love.
i can give. i once learn art of loving.
i can not stop for a moment.
i rediscovered my. i am dignified. i am uncontaminated.
i am child making mistakes. i run run hard run fast but withing myself.
i find what is the source.
i discovered i. i discovered you. i love you.

In the end i kiss thy feet for the patience. i bow to you for giving me your moments. i love the divine guiding you and i in this beautiful world. i love you all.

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