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i run from i and i is whom i meet in the end.
i, wherever i go i is pointed out… no appreciation
i consider i a fool. i want to run.
i am running i don’t to see i. i is impressed by you scolding. i is miserable.
i need misery. i have everything but i sees nothing.
i is sinner religion says so. i kill and i confess.
i see conspiracy. i cry alone. i run. i am running. i ll run.
i parent did not accept i. i am not going to accept my children.
i can pretend. i am hypocrite. i is mask.
i deceive you.i deceive myself. i am with myself.
i on everest. i is with i. i want to run. i run from everest.
i ain’t alone on everest. i is ugly is is violent i stinks is shouts i don’t show respect. i run fast.
i drive fast. i drive really fast. i with you. i drive fast. i drive.
i make you miserable. i ask why standing. i find lift.

i look for somebody
i in a village. i look for help.
i thinks perhaps. i see tears. i stops. i stop at last.
i accept i can not be alone. i exposes i.
i make i aware. i wasted life. i know i wasted.
i can not help it. i accept aloneness. i reduce speed. i turn down volume.
i can even stop. i dont want to see i but now.
i transfer inside. i drop what you say.
i cut crap. i can not be said by you. i am worried not by a buddha, socretes, jesus, krsna, shiva.
i does not matter. i mean life now.
i ask what is life. i ask. i become curious. i talk to i. i stand with i.
i see i a painter. i see i a poet. i am 9 jewels of akbar. i am humor.
i am all. i now see i. i drop i see. i stop i see.
i am divine. i drink wine. i am fine. i respect i. i am intimate with i.
i forgive i. i am in love with i.

i now love you. i create happyness. i make you cry now. i am illogically strange shocking slapping you.
i kiss all around. i love everybody.
i love laptop keypad, speakers, screen and billion parts inside cabinet.
i never thought this would happen.
i have to love unconditionally.
i can not escape love.
i can give. i once learn art of loving.
i can not stop for a moment.
i rediscovered my. i am dignified. i am uncontaminated.
i am child making mistakes. i run run hard run fast but withing myself.
i find what is the source.
i discovered i. i discovered you. i love you.

In the end i kiss thy feet for the patience. i bow to you for giving me your moments. i love the divine guiding you and i in this beautiful world. i love you all.

gaurav dalal

my name is an irony in this classic world. whatever i am going to write here is a message from deeper or collective consciousness to my behavior. i am a chap. and i love to learn. why learn. melody khao khud jaan jaao. only a chinchilla knows what chinchilla is. i read what i write i hear what i say. your hands cant hit what your eyes cant see smoke like marley bobby sting like bee.i keep on smiling until laughter overrules. Thankyou so much for the time you devoted in reading this. I love you all.AumShantiAum :)

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