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we live depending on others yet every moment we want to escape or run away from where
we are right now.
we we really want something everymoment. or we are battling with our fears. not in reality but in the mind.
creating a cluster of red energy. red color is danger and red is sunrise and sunset.
is the life. life is intense it can suck you up. suck your i. dissolved. orgasmic with the nature. and in it every particle of what you think or see; your body gets ecstatic.
we are what we want to be.
trust me if you do not understand this you are in hell. all the time. hell is nothing but mind.
now i know a sawaal arises if mind is hell how we are going to live?
but see animals, birds, trees, flowers, babies all live so beautifully, so ecstatically.
oh my god. but they live gracefully with mind. but but but adults are grownups how can they let go of mind.
if mind goes i goes.
and if i goes how the world could be saved.
every one is superman a superhuman in mind, may be a wanna be. but it does not matter, yes we are superheroes. but are we living like the created superhuman in the mind?
no we want control. control and control.if he is in control he is in a false assurance that he is not going to get die. but hahahahaha we have to realize this this body has to go one day. this body is my last resort. my sarai.
my mecca, my tibet.

but like we always do inside the temple we are amazing and outside we throw the pattals and the banana leaves.
but a contradiction is here too.
in temple named body we live maked up or make uped to the best cosmatics and inside shit.
we are so shitty just once see your thoughts and see how futile they are. you are eating something crispy but you are deep into chilly or honey the crisp of life the intensity of life disappears and waste.

to be what you are not. move within but don’t move the way mind makes you move.
move the way love makes you move, joy makes you way, not out of religions, fear, dogmas, criticism, greed.

to not to be what you are. don’t fear god. don’t be a stupid. fer everybody but not god. god is love personified.
god is the universal heart beat. if you can sing with love and dance with love, joy and celebration. it’s enough to be a saint.

forget all austerities, forget the linen orange
color you being in love, and it should not have limited range.

don’t worship stones carved by us and worshiping by going out.
if you carve it on stone, why not in the being. reveal it from the guises.

existence; what you witness by your 10 senses. that is ravan. the demon. the 10 headed. the most intelligent, the best pundit. the best kshtriya. a complete man. but ram is no different from ravan.

RAvan Marnam.
who kill the ravan the 10 senses of the body the same body is converted into ram.

So ravan and ram is same coin.
Coin of whole value equal to one.
and see you must keep it in mind a coin can not be cut like poles of a magnet can not be cut.

so if you are ravan you are ram too. if ram so ravan too.

but inside the body they are in the mind. the devil is inside you.
the jesus is inside you too. hitlar and gandhi.

let them be don’t try to merge them. let them be, just watch how your thoughts are at what point of time in the day. a cycle moves in the mind. at certain point of time same thought appears.

you are born already why creating castle. whatever you do you are going to die.
do you have any concern what is going to happen after death?
and do you know when death will happen? no

and life is getting passed.
so so so what is going to happen.
see nothing is going to happen it is happening already life is moving this very moment.
and it getting robbed of your acknowledgement.
the birds the fliers the kids the adults all need your love, selfless, they are not going to pay any penny.
but see you try to give like you are emperor of love.
and see in any way whatever is going to happen will happen, murphy law as well as its other side are going to happen.dont think about anyhting right now. not even tommorows morning. just sit here and do what you do move when you move eat when you eat. but do the activity completely,
means your body and senses must be there not in america or kashmere does not matter.

but be where you are with the body all the time will make your life revolutionary.
then you need no guru no one to light you cigar, you will be living for the first time.

not it’s getting out of my mind. so i ll stop now.

thankyou for the patience my love. love is. i bow to you i lost into the divine emanating all around in and out you.
may be

gaurav dalal

my name is an irony in this classic world. whatever i am going to write here is a message from deeper or collective consciousness to my behavior. i am a chap. and i love to learn. why learn. melody khao khud jaan jaao. only a chinchilla knows what chinchilla is. i read what i write i hear what i say. your hands cant hit what your eyes cant see smoke like marley bobby sting like bee.i keep on smiling until laughter overrules. Thankyou so much for the time you devoted in reading this. I love you all.AumShantiAum :)

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