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Sometimes people are wrong, Sometimes people are right.

Sometimes people leave country, sometimes country leave people.

For me its not people leaving country but people leaving home.

How hypocrisy is making this world imbalance, I wont name any particular country but what i see is a Dance of Lie spreading all over the world.

The truth is DEATH, Death of thousands of people running, fleeing their home for something as basic as SURVIVAL, just for survival, survival of family, survival of values, tradition and culture.

Syrian Refugee in Canada CanviarI feel happy for This young boy and his family which are among the 200 Syrian refugees that arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport by plane but what about all those people who died, died because of humanity, died because of hatred, died because of hypocrisy.

What about LOVE?

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Refugees are persons fleeing armed conflict or persecution.

Victim of a Situation – Their situation is often so perilous and intolerable that they cross national borders to seek safety in nearby countries, and thus become internationally recognized as “refugees” with access to assistance from States, UNHCR, and other organizations.

They are so recognized precisely because it is too dangerous for them to return home, and they need sanctuary elsewhere. These are people for whom denial of asylum has potentially deadly consequences.


Refugees are defined and protected in international law. The 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol as well as other legal texts, such as the 1969 OAU Refugee Convention, remain the cornerstone of modern refugee protection. The legal principles they enshrine have permeated into countless other international, regional, and national laws and practices. The 1951 Convention defines who is a refugee and outlines the basic rights which States should afford to refugees. One of the most fundamental principles laid down in international law is that refugees should not be expelled or returned to situations where their life and freedom would be under threat.

The protection of refugees has many aspects. These include safety from being returned to the dangers they have fled; access to asylum procedures that are fair and efficient; and measures to ensure that their basic human rights are respected to allow them to live in dignity and safety while helping them to find a longer-term solution. States bear the primary responsibility for this protection. UNHCR therefore works closely with governments, advising and supporting them as needed to implement their responsibilities.

ONE Last thought on Refugee

Source Syrian refugee Deaths

You say “build a wall.”

One of millions of Japanese repatriates who were transported to the homeland after World War II. --- Image by © CORBIS

One of millions of Japanese repatriates who were transported to the homeland after World War II. — Image by © CORBIS

Keep out, shut the gates,

No vacancy.

But what if, 100 years ago
200 years ago,
300 years ago.

They built a wall.

And not you, but they.
Because you would have never become
A part of it at all.
You would have never been able to pretend that it was right to do.

They would have never become you.

There is no dirt in your blood
You are not a flower grown of soil
You are not a crystal formed
Of earth and pressure and salt.

You are not from here.

No more so than birds who only
Migrate so fast because they can fly.

People put down concrete roots.

And pretend that this makes them immovable and Ineradicable aspect of the landscape.

But explosives move mountains and homes.

And refugees and immigrants thought
That if they could just dig their fingers into the dirt deeply enough
They could keep the world from becoming something new.

They though themselves just as tethered to the earth as you.

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