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So the feel of the temple was a little like as if the roses were flowering inside the heart and the smile on which i couldn’t see but rather feel. I was happy simply. Macloedganj was the first journey or trip in my life which i took alone and i am fortunate enough that it turn out to be spiritual. I just went on for a walk and the walk became soul. Life here is as if i always belong here like i belong in my home town. The flute in my hand felt different today and what was long forgone in my heart is back “LOVE” I even thought of becoming a monk for a second but my conscious feels different all the time. If you ever see the leaf defying Gravity understand that even trees have a Soul Trees are one of the most beautiful surrounding at a place. So the journey was pretty decent and i am back to my city. What i noticed in this lil city of peace was the noise in silence and silence in noise. Whatever you are taught becomes zero because the expression of heart, the pure heart is your guide for the soul. What i really like about travelling is a feeling of purity. New people gives the sense of reality that at times get disillusioned in the city life. Mix peace at chaos and what you Macloedganj. Just waiting for the next soul trip to share my new adventure.



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