9 Quotes which Transformed World by Canviar in 2015 ( Canviar Means Change)

comprare vardenafil Calabria Friends are forever and with friends this life feels like a heaven. Friends + Nature = Heaven

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click here You first born then you hold your parents hand and learn how to walk then you start learning how to run. Every little thing in life works like that – Step by Step you learn how to excel just the way you run.

l those who suffer pain in some way or other, pain is just a part of life. If it pains, trust your heart and it heals.


This one contradicts the most commonly used quote

Sky is the limit.


Haha this one is for all the rock n rolla people out dere from the Hollywood movie Rock n rolla. We trust in SWAG


This one tooo contradict the one of the most commonly used quote

All that glitter is not gold

but hold on what about Diamonds.


Sometimes you just need to Run as fast as you can from all the bullshit that’s holding you back to something new and exciting.


Everything does change but yes everything doesn’t last. We still question existence?? We still question God? We still question everything?? but Change is a way of life & Canviar Means Change


This is one is for eternal love – Simply something only one’s soul can understand.

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