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i know you won’t be much interested but still i want to share.
wake up when my eyes open
loo to get free
dance music and surrender till i get exhausted.
tea for one
and run until i get done
some monkey tricks
and return home to clean my clothes prepare oatmeal to fill the temple
chill and music
chill and more music
chill and chill and read
and chill till my eyes shut down.

eyes open again and i am ready again relax and music
tea for one
a walk without pain
return and i stare
for those i care i stare
eat supper talk and chill
music and i close eyelids again

and repeat

born rich are lucky
for they don’t have to care about the food on the table.
lucky are those who have conditioners for seasons
for they don’t have to care about the gas in the car.

my dad asks me all the time baby why don’t you do something to make us feel proud.
and i am like why on this mother earth i got such a father who is never satisfied.

but it is the inspiration which makes me do things i want to do. it’s the support
i find out from his useless talks. as he talks a lot, it is really hard to miss not the
sense he delivers. but i am his son. son of the sun.

i know what i don’t know and that makes me know what i need to know.
jisne aaaj diya vo dega kal bhi
kyon naa hans ke jiyein ye zindagi…

and every day we work so hard, but like a donkey
and money is always on the horses.


that’s how we approach the situation.
we know what to do mostly
we know how to do sometimes
we never know why to do it.

and if we just reverse the approach.
why i should do it comes at the beginning,
how to do it will not take up much of your energy
then what!
chill no what the fuck.

intelligence is of no use if we not know how to use that intelligence
patience is a barbed wire if faith is not mixed with patience

my routine hahahahaha

Routine bounds you like chains,
if you have routine to eat at 8
and no food is available in the state,
then how will you fill your paet (stomach).

and sometimes it’s eight and
table is full of fruits
and your mood is yuck.

follow your body what it demands. not fuck all the times 😉
be stomach full most of the times. it makes you content in another moments too.

take care of the body, don’t work out for others.
see yourself naked nude in front of the mirror. and do you love it
love it?
i don’t think so
you are lying. i change myself millimeters daily. without miss.
i try to refine my intellect every moment.
i watch my thoughts from one branch to another
i am a monkey drunk bitten by scorpion
and i think i am a champion.

hahaha lalala..

the day you realize that you are a fool you start the journey towards becoming a fooool ( flower).
accept yourself, don’t condemn yourself.
love this temple and the god in disguise.
and once you love yourself, you can not hate even mosquitoes.

following your self with the viveka will make you lovely and beautiful.
not following the desires remember, you’ll loose if you go behind every desire.
i know maybe you’ll find wrong interpretation of words.

what ever i am saying makes the situation unclear.
every word is false.
until and unless you know i you’ll make out wrong logic

the thing that is very basic is become beautiful inside out so beautiful so charming so amazing dancing singing watching and keeping in mind no mind.

i really don’t know what time it is.

i bow to the divine sitting inside you and witnessing every wave of the is, love you.

gaurav dalal

my name is an irony in this classic world. whatever i am going to write here is a message from deeper or collective consciousness to my behavior. i am a chap. and i love to learn. why learn. melody khao khud jaan jaao. only a chinchilla knows what chinchilla is. i read what i write i hear what i say. your hands cant hit what your eyes cant see smoke like marley bobby sting like bee.i keep on smiling until laughter overrules. Thankyou so much for the time you devoted in reading this. I love you all.AumShantiAum :)

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