OneTribe for Onefamily – Because people are different individuals!

OneTribe is Human Resource (HR) department for
Aurora Canviar Translearn llp.
OneTribe believes in providing new opportunities/platform to
showcase and perform different abilities/talents/skills.
We invite people from all around the world to join our Company
so that we can grow and evolve together.
Joining Canviar in any manner is great way to Learn & Earn.
Working Hours - 40 Hours/Week

We are Looking for people who are
- Sharp & Open Minded
- Qualified in their respective field
- Good Communication Skills
- Willingness to Learn
- Loves to take Initiatives
- Keen to work on more than 2 projects
- Likes to work in Team
- Innovator & Thinker
- Problem Solver
- Street Smart
- Presentation Skills
- Proficient in Technology