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Certificate In Digital Designing

In depth overview of Digital Designing with extensive use of digital designing software –  Photoshop, Corel, Video Editor & Web Designing.

Certificate in Sales & Marketing

The American Marketing Association defines marketing as “A set of process for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationship in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.”

Simply put a market is composed of buyers and sellers, exchanging goods and services and money. Therefore a market system, includes – participants, distribution channels and relationships.

This programme has been tailored for non-marketing executives who are interested in learning about marketing.

Certificate In Retail Management

This course will be useful to executives and managers in retailing business upto mid-level and to serious students who want to specialize in retailing. The objectives of this course are

  • To give an insight into the various important aspects of Retail management (knowledge and objective) and
  • To develop among the participant’s skills and attitudes which will enable them to conduct retailing business successfully (skills and attitude objective).

This course will deploy multiple teaching methods like lecture, case study, discussions and role play.

Certificate in Finance

The objective of this course is to present the concepts, application and practices of financial accounting and financial management in such a manner that even the participants having no prior exposure to the subject can understand and appreciate them. The course will provide a comprehensive understanding, analysis and interpretation of financial statements together with Managerial Practices and Technique, in the Indian legal and Corporate Environment.

Certificate in Management of Human Resources

Management of human resources has attained great significance both strategically and operationally because it is the most valued asset contributing individually and collectively to the achievement of an organization’s objectives. Management of human resources is concerned with selection, appraisal, rewards and development of people in organizations which needs to be based on sound HR philosophies, strategies, policies, processes and practices. It is essentially a business–led approach to managing people within a strategic framework. It ensures resource capability of an organization in accordance with the belief that the human capital is a major source of competitive advantage and therefore ensuring that the right quality of people are available to meet present and future needs.

The certificate course aims at providing a learning space to gain practical knowledge and skills to become a professional in managing human resources. Using facilitation methods, the participants will be enabled to learn through self-directed and team-oriented learning activities.

Duration : 1 Month

Classes are held from 10.00AM to 12.00 PM on Saturdays &  Sundays

The consolidated Course Fees for the program for these Certificate Program is Rs. 30000/-, inclusive of Admission Fees, Tuition Fees, Examination Fees. Service Tax at 14% is also payable.

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