Buy Pro Nature Organic Kala Channa 500 g


Buy Pro Nature Organic Kala Channa, they are best known for quality and pure product. Organic food ensures you pesticides free and genetically modified ingredients in food. Discover the real taste through Pro Nature Organic Kala Channa. Kala Channa or black chick peas are pure vegetarian stuffs and thus known for being staple food in several countries. Chana is a source of nutrients, rich in proteins, dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates with a mass of vitamins and minerals. It is low in fat with zero cholesterol and because it is a plant food, it contains potentially health-beneficial phytochemicals. There are various ways to take the flavour of Organic Kala Channa by preparing them in certain gravies and curries. Pro Nature Organic Kala Channas are even good for making sprout which again proves to be the advantageous for health issues.


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